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What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is an outdoor adventure game played using your mobile phone or a GPS receiver. Geocaching can be played alone and is more fun to play with family and friends. One of the benefits of geocaching is that it promotes teamwork and problem solving skills.

Geocache Method provides resources for beginners and advanced Geocachers. In this website you will:

Learn to play in 10 minutes | Check out the Get Started videos below.
Connect with other Geocachers | On Instagram and Facebook.
Explore caches around the globe | My BLOG shares geocaching journeys, adventures, helpful resources and tips.

Do You Want to Learn How To Geocache?
These three videos will have you
geocaching in 10 minutes

Get Started Geocaching

This video from Geocaching HQ shares the basics you need to get started. You can download the Geocaching App for free. I do recommend upgrading to a premium account.

Find Your First Geocache

Once you have the Geocaching App installed on your phone it is time to find your first geocache. This video from Geocaching HQ will explain how to geocache.

Hide your first Geocache

Thinking of placing your first geocache? This video from Geocaching HQ is full of helpful tips.

Let's Travel Blog

Sharing My Geocaching Journeys Around the World