Sunday Driver – Aloha Friday

Sunday Driver – Aloha Friday

Sunday Drive -
The Road
Less Traveled

Last Sunday I took a drive to pick up my son from a weekend camping trip. Although I have been to this camp dozens of times, I still set the destination in my trusty map app.

Geocache method

By Geocache method

To my surprise, the app charted three different routes. Since I was not in a big hurry, I selected a new route along the secondary road of Highway 45. What a treat this trip turned out to be! The trees were full of beautiful color, flocks of birds were flying South, and even the barns were happy!  I made a few stops to snap these fun pictures.

Wisconsin Barns

With Autumn slipping slowly towards Winter, why not go for a Sunday drive this weekend?

Pick a destination and then choose an old back road to get there. Make a few stops along the way and to take some pictures or support some small businesses. Explore an independent coffee shop, bakery, or store. Pick a random restaurant for breakfast or lunch. Take a break from your everyday to explore and enjoy.

Aloha and thanks for reading.  My Aloha Friday posts are intended to be short and easy. It might just be a picture, a quote, or a link to an interesting website. Easy like Sunday morning.

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