Let’s Go OptOutside

Let’s Go OptOutside


I Want You to Go Out with Me. Come on, it will be fun.

Geocache method

By Jim Donovan

REI has created a movement I can really get behind and I think you should, too. In 2015, REI turned Black Friday into Opt Outside, a day to celebrate the outdoors by opting out of the shop til you drop craziness that is Black Friday and (drumroll please) — actually going outdoors on that day!

That’s right! REI turned their back on the busiest shopping weekend of the year and gave over 12,000 employees a paid day off. The company encouraged their staff to spend the day with nature doing whatever it is that speaks to them. 

The #OPTOUTSIDE movement has begun.

Fastforward to 2018, it’s neither novel nor just REI partaking in Opt Outside. Yes, REI started the movement, closing its doors on the busiest shopping day of the year, but today hundreds of supporting companies have signed on at REI’s website to go out with them. And they should, and I should, and you should, for the Opt Outside movement was not meant to be an REI-only campaign. Nope. REI just lead the charge. The brave follow.

Many of us have the day off with pay. I do. I hope you do, too. Let’s join the movement and do something in the great outdoors together.

Let’s go out.  It’s been a long time.  I mean really, have you had a better offer today?


Here are a few super easy outdoor ideas:

Devil’s Lake State Park ranked as my Best Day Hike of 2018.  

Starved Rock State Park is a great day hike destination if you live in Illinois, Indiana, or Wisconsin.

Geocaching is my go to outside adventure regardless of where I am.  If you have never tried it, this is your chance. 

Click Here for REI’s search tool to find things to do and places to visit outdoors. Opt Outside doesn’t need to be complicated.  Take a walk in your neighborhood.  Go for a bike ride.  Walk your dog!

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