1st First to Find Geocache
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1st First to Find Geocache

First First to Find

When a new geocache is published to the world, the race is on to be the first person to find that cache and sign the coveted First to Find space in the log.

GeoCache Method

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I started Geocaching on April 27, 2016 and I have been chasing my First to Find geocache for over two years. To Geocachers the First to Find can be as elusive as the golfer’s hole in one or the fisherman’s ten thousand cast Muskie.

I had been close a few times. Real close. On more than one occasion, I have arrived at ground zero to find the lucky First to Find Cacher still standing at Ground Zero with the fresh log in their hands. Recently, I was the first to arrive at a cache only to spend 20 minutes searching with no luck. Another cacher arrived and found it in less than 60 seconds. He did graciously offer to share the FTF with me, but I wanted my first to be my very own.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019. I was getting ready for bed and had just brushed my teeth when I saw the email:

New traditional Cache:Let’s ParTee

(GC8CHTC) 1,77 Mi NE

It was tempting to race out of the house, but I had been out of town all week and I was exhausted.  I just hoped that it would still be clean the next morning!

Thursday morning, I woke up before the alarm and headed Northeast towards Ground Zero. It was early enough, that this might be the one! I made my way down a steep embankment towards the Northshore Channel. There were other caches hidden along this river and the fence line is a common host.  As I approached the fence, I realized had overshot ground zero. I turned around and started walking back up the hill.

“Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light.  My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim”

There it was!  Had I found the Holy Grail? The cache was a plastic candy tub covered in black duct tape wedged between two branches of the tree. It had been disguised by a few logs but I had spotted it from 25’ away. I twisted the lid off the container and all of the contents fell to the ground. I quickly picked up the log book and removed it from the Ziploc bag.


My heart was pounding as my expectations were high! I flipped open the red notebook.  SUCCESS!  What an awesome feeling and memory

 Find Number 855, my first, First to Find!

The name of the cache ParTee is a play on the golf terms Par and Tee as the cache is located along our neighborhood golf course.  My First to Find just happened to be on the tenth hole of our local golf course!

Now that I have scored my first, first to find cache I want to get another one.  I was kind of hoping that I had that out of my system, but I am much too competitive.  On to the next one!


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