Discover! Geocaching Goodness with PodCacher
Team Podcacher

Discover! Geocaching Goodness with PodCacher

EarthCache with Team Podcacher

Geocaching California Series: La Jolla Caves


By Jim Donovan

Geocache Method Cache

I was fortunate to spend some time with Team PodCacher in Sunny San Diego that was filled with Geocaching goodness and discovery.  I have been a Podcacher listener for many years, so when I had the chance to meet up with Sonny, Sandy and Sean, I jumped at the chance. I was excited to see them work their podcasting magic and capture content for an upcoming show on the new Adventure Lab experience.  Check out Show 699 

PodCacher is a world famous podcast and website packed with geocaching goodness.  It is the labor of love of three dynamic geocachers, Sonny,  Sandy, and their son Sean.  Also known as Team PodCacher they are a family geocaching team from Sunny San Diego, California.  Team PodCacher created their first Podcast in July 2005.  Each week they deliver a high quality, family-friendly show that informs, inspires, and entertains!  

Come along as we explore Sunny Jim’s Cave!


As I stood basking in the sunshine, I saw the four of them walking towards our meeting spot. I recognized Sonny, Sandy, Sean and YES! Selah the PodCacher pooch was trotting alongside. The whole family came along for this adventure. Our main objective for getting together was to experience s new Adventure lab called the La Jolla Coastline Nature Walk.  Because thie Adventure Lab’s are a relatively new program from our idea was to experience a completed Adventure to help us both develop our own Adventure Labs which we have been assigned. Before starting the Adventure Lab however, we planned to a explore a nearby earthCache called Sea Caves at La Jolla.

PodCacher Show 699

Sonny and Jim explore the Sunny Jim Cave – Our meeting spot was the Cave Store, which is a curious store front wooden building in downtown La Jolla. It is part gift shop, part museum, and part tourist attraction. This earthCache is only accessible in two ways, via kayak from the ocean or through the tunnel which is under the Cave Store. Having logged more than 100 favorite points we were eager to explore the sea cave and log the cache.

The Cave Store was the perfect meeting spot, as it contains the entrance to the historic sandstone cave and is adjacent to one of the adventure lab locations.

(GC52XC8) Sea Caves at La Jolla is an earthCache created by the Essex County Geocachers Organization in April of 2014. Sunny Jim’s cave is one of seven sea caves along the La Jolla coast and the only one accessible by tunnel. After paying the admission fee, we descended 145 stairs into the cave. This tunnel was hand-dug by two laborers over a two year period and when the cave opened in 1902 it did not have stairs, just a dirt path and a rope to aid visitors. A few years later the stairs were added and even though the 100 year old stairs are crooked and slippery they are greatly appreciated.

“An earthCache is a special place that people can visit to learn about a unique geoscience feature of our Earth. EarthCaches generally include a set of educational notes and details about where to find the location.”

After navigating the tunnel, we arrived on the platform that extended into the cave. The bright sunshine outside the cave provided a beautiful contrast to the dark cave walls. There was Sunny Jim’s profile clearly outlined against the blue California sky. 

Interestingly, the cave was named Sunny Jim by Frank Baum, author of The Wizard of OZ, because the opening of the cave looked like Sunny Jim, the mascot for Force Cereal, which was the first commercially successful cereal sold in the US and Britain.  

As we stood gazing out over the Pacific, we saw kayakers and snorkelers enjoying the beautiful sea, too. We also observed birds, dolphins, and seals passing by. Team Podcacher captured some audio for the show and answered the three questions to log the cache. Then, it was on to the Adventure Lab.

A few things to know about this earthCache:

There is a small entrance fee ($5 adults / $3 children).
Allow 30 minutes to enjoy this experience.
Fortunately for Selah, small dogs are allowed when hand-carried!

Learn more about Team PodCacher on their website

Geocache Method Travel Blog post was also featured on PodCacher Show 684 

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