Geocachers Find Love

Geocachers Find Love

Geocachers Find Love

Met them on the geocaching trail

By Jim Donovan

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Finding the love of your life is the sweetest find of all!

All around the geocaching world, February is considered the month of love. Historians believe the holiday has roots back to ancient Rome and can confirm the holiday was Christianized in the 1300s when the Roman Pope Gelasius officially declared the date of February 14 “St Valentine’s Day.”

One of the things I love about geocaching are the friendships made along the geocaching trail. Geocachers have a truly unique community which makes our hobby an extremely social and fulfilling activity. It is always fun to reach out to a geocacher when you spot them out on a trail or stealthily searching in a bush or tree and strike up a conversation.

Another thing that I love about geocaching is that you can play the game alone, but is much more fun as a group, sharing laughs with family and friends. Geocaching events are a great place to meet other cachers and engage in the community. It is easy to start up a conversation with others who share the common interest of geocaching. These encounters sometimes lead to relationships like geocaching teams, geocaching trips, and gatherings of varying sizes. Sometimes these geocachers enjoy being together so much that the relationship leads to engagement and marriage.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to feature one of my favorite Geocaching Couples – Sonny and Sandy Portacio who give so much of their time, talent, and love to our hobby.  I first met Sonny and Sandy through PodCacher which is their weekly geocaching podcast. A regular listener for several years, I recently had the opportunity to meet Team PodCacher and spend some caching with them in Sunny San Diego.

The PodCacher mission is to create a high quality, family-friendly show that will inform, inspire and entertain! The weekly program delivers geocaching and gps news, tips and tricks, tools of the trade, caching stories from around the world, interviews with amazing geocachers, celebrations of caching milestones, giveaways and much more!

Sonny and Sandy mix in personal stories of their geocaching adventures as well as the highs and lows of family life. In the early days of the podcast, Sonny and Sandy went by the geocaching names of iTrax and FoxTail. In May 2008, Sean joined the family and they chose the name Team PodCacher in order to cache together as a family.

Over 15 Years of Love and Geocaching – This is the classic story of boy meets girl, boy takes girl geocaching. Girl falls in love with geocaching and boy. Boy devises a complicated plan and a “fake” Geocache to propose marriage! 

 Visit the PodCacher blog where Sonny shares exactly how he planned and successfully executed the perfect caching wedding proposal or “Operation Treasure Hunt” as the plan was called.


Without Geocaching we would have never have met so many awesome friends, started a podcast, traveled to Norway”

Team PodCacher

Quick conversation with our Caching Couple:
Geocaching Name:
Team PodCacher
Hometown: Sunny,
San Diego, CA
When did you start Geocaching:
Sonny: Nov 2002 / Sandy Jan 2004
Current Total number of finds:
Top three caching states:
California, Georgia, Washington
Furthest find in miles?
7083 miles away – Kazakhstan
Caches hidden?
55 with 140 favorite points

Want More information?

The website is designed to be a helpful resource, to contribute to the larger geocaching community and to deliver tons of geocaching goodness!  If you enjoy PodCacher’s weekly shows and resouces, you should consider joining the PodCacher Club for exclusive access and content.


Sonny and Sandy Share Their:

Bucket List caching destination is Australia and New Zealand

Favorite Finds were the Gadget Caches by WVTim in West Virginia, it was expertly crafted, challenging and so much fun!

Favorite Caching stop is In-N-Out Burger

When they are not geocaching, researching geocaching stories, or talking about geocaching: 

Sonny enjoys: photography, disc golf, skateboarding

Sandy enjoys: reading, hanging out at the beach, family time

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