My 1st Adventure Lab Evanston
I Love a Parade Adventure Lab

My 1st Adventure Lab Evanston

I Love a Parade

Introducing Chicagoland’s First Ten Location Adventure Lab

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Today was the day!  We published the Chicagoland’s first ten stage adventure lab right here in my hometown of Evanston, Illinois!

If you are new to Adventure Labs, It is easy to join in the fun.  The Geocaching Adventure Lab is free to participate and promotes exercise, teamwork and problem-solving skills. Simply download the free Adventure lab app on you mobile phone and set up an account.  Search the Evanston area,  just north of Chicago,  for I Love a Parade.  

Already have a Geocaching account?  Geocaching Adventures count towards your geocaching statistics and total finds! 

Cacher Tip: You can also find this Adventure lab by searching for GC8TMXK in the Geocaching app. It is a mystery and bonus cache for once you have completed I Love a Parade!

I love a parade QR

“Already have the Adventure Lab app on your phone?  Scan this QR Code and you are off to the parade.”

So what exactly is an Adventure Lab?  Adventure Lab is a newer  game brought to you by Geocaching HQ.  Over the past year, HQ has been extending a limited number of Adventure Lab credits to geocachers who meet set criteria.  These adventures have been rolled out in a very controlled manner and the number of adventure labs published is now starting to grow.  More are being added every day.

The Adventure Lab app guides players through a process of finding clues, solving puzzles, and completing Adventures one location at a time. Unlike traditional geocaching, Adventure Labs do not require a physical container, which makes it a great socially distant and contactless activity. There are currently thousands of public Adventures available and it is exciting to host Chicago’s first ten location Adventure Lab on Central Street.

Adventure Lab

Chicago’s First Ten Location Adventure Lab

Titled “I Love a Parade”, this family-friendly high-tech treasure hunt invites people to explore the charming Central Street business district and gives a nod to Evanston’s famous Fourth of July Parade.  

“I Love a Parade” will lead people on a fun, historical tour of Central Street starting on the west end near Central Park Avenue and finishing up on the east end near Northwestern University’s Ryan Field. During this 1.5-mile stretch, participants are encouraged to enjoy grab ‘n go options from local eateries and visit gift boutiques and shops and share their experience on social media @centralstreetevanston and @chicagonorthshore.

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Geocaching in Evanston Adventure Lab

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