Geocaching in Evanston with Top 10 List
I love a Parade

Geocaching in Evanston with Top 10 List

North Shore Cachers

Meet this local geocacher who shares what makes geocaching in Evanston so very special including their top ten area favorites

Geocache Method

Geocache Method

Evanston, Illinois is home to a well-traveled geocacher whose goes by the geocaching name: Geocache Method.  Geocache Method travels extensively for work and has found geocaching to be the perfect way to get out of the hotel and get some exercise and explore new places while he is on the road. We caught up with Geocache Method between trips to learn what is special about geocaching on Chicago’s North Shore and especially geocaching in Evanston.

Geocaching since: March 2016
Current number of finds: 1700+

How did you first learn about geocaching?
Our Boy Scout Troop needed a geocaching merit badge counselor and I volunteered.  On the day I made my first find, I immediately raced home to get my two sons. We spent the afternoon geocaching right in our neighborhood and were hooked.

What do you love about geocaching?
I love the variety of games within the game that appeal to players of all ages.  I really love the interesting places that this hobby takes me. When I am out of town it serves as a tour guide, helping me discover places that I would never have visited otherwise.  I prefer a clever cache over a really difficult hide.

Adventure lab Cache

“Evanston is home to the Chicagoland’s very first ten location Adventure Lab titled I Love a Parade.”

Q-What makes geocaching in Evanston special?   Evanston’s downtown has a wide variety of interesting caches and from downtown you can easily walk to our beautiful beaches and continue caching north along the lakefront to Northwestern University’s beautiful campus.

Evanston is also home to Chicagoland’s first ten location adventure lab.  This adventure has a fun parade theme and if you have never geocached along Evanston’s Central Street.  Adventure Lab is a separate app from Geocaching but many still don’t realize that it does interface with your Geocaching account and you do get smiley’s for each Adventure Lab find!


Q-Tell us about your ten Favorite geocaches in Evanston.   

Wow!  This isn’t an easy task but I will try to narrow it down to ten.  I have organized them loosely from south to north.

 Here are ten don’t miss caches in Evanston, Illinois:

Geocaching in Evanston


GC6WZGW | Perigee & Szygy

GCJ9Y9 | Yerkes Fountain South

GC6VVEW | Evanston Lakefront

GC6N56D Downtown E-Town Photo Opp

GC8RZy9Y | Lovely Place for a Wedding

GC7HEDT | Phantom Thread

GC35KBG | Dewey Could Do It

GC8TMXK | Do You Love a Parade

GC1AAV6B | Shore of Lake Algonquin

GC88ZNQ | The Rock

Why You Must Visit

Spectacular Beach Cache

62 favorite points

Fantastic views

Smylie Brothers

A most beautiful spot

It’s exceptionally evil

Librarary Cache (indoors)

Bonus Cache

Will not disappoint

Virtual Fun



Q – Now for the tough one. Which one is your absolute favorite geocache in Evanston?
I would have to say that GC88ZN! Is my favorite geocache in Evanston. The Rock is a unique Virtual cache right in the middle of the Northwestern Campus. It is a hybrid cache with a historic tie to the University. I don’t want to spoil but I would call it a must visit.

Q-Any other caches you want to mention?   You bet there are!  Evanston is home to the Chicagoland’s first ten location Adventure Lab. The adventure is called I Love a Parade takes you on a fun historical tour of Central Street ending at Northwestern University’s Ryan Field. 

Geocache Method tip: After completing the Adventure, keep heading east and check out an interesting Earth Cache (GC1AV6B) The Ancient Shore of Lake Algonquin. I don’t get to do many Earth Cache and I found this educational and it will lead you to my very favorite spot in Evanston.

The Morley Shipwreck (GC2BG09) is probably the only Evanston Cache that I have not conquered because it is located offshore affixed to the hull of this sunken shipwreck. This one takes some planning and has a D/T rating of 4/5.

favorite geocaches usa

Q-What is your go to caching stop in Evanston?   If you are a geocacher check out GC6N56D and Smylie Brother’s for great food, craft beers, and a great caching namesake.

Q- Favorite Chicago Area Geocache?  From Evanston, you can get to downtown Chicago in about 20 minutes by Metra Train. GCJZDR The Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field is a virtual at the famous Wrigley Field marquis. Click here to read about Geocache Methods 1000th milestone find at this unique cache.

Q-Since you travel a lot, what is your find furthest from home?  GC66DD7 – Ye Old Skool (Victoria, Australia) at 9668.746 miles

Q- Final question, what is one your geocaching bucketlist?
I don’t know the GC code but I would love to visit the famous Lego Giraff in Berlin, Germany which is the most favorited cache in the world.


Learn more about Evanston and Chicago’s North Shore by visiting the North Shore CVB website.

Caching Tip:  If you have a premium geocaching account, you can download GeocacheMethods list to your phone or GPSr.



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