Geocaching in Skokie with Top 10 List

Geocaching in Skokie with Top 10 List

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Donny JGD is a local geocacher who shares what makes geocaching in Skokie special and outlines their top ten  Skokie finds

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Skokie Geocacher Profile: Donny JGD

Skokie, Illinois is home to a local geocacher who goes by the geocaching name: Donny JGD.  We met up with Donny to learn what makes geocaching around Chicago’s North Shore fun and especially geocaching in Skokie.

Geocaching since: April 2016

Current number of finds: 658

Gecoaching group name: Team JD

How did you first learn about geocaching?   I learned about it at the Skokie Public Library. The library occasionally offers workshops where you can learn to geocache!  Visit the library website to see what they currently have to offer

What do you love most about geocaching?  I like doing power trails to get some fast finds but I also like themed caches. In West Bend, WI we did some really cool Star Wars themed caches and my favorite find was a Hans Solo Multi (mulitple locations).

Donny JGD

“Don’t miss the Skokie North Shore Sculpture Park to walk, bike and geocache”

Q-What makes geocaching in Skokie special?   Skokie generally has  two types of caches: easy and difficult. The easy caches are mostly in parks. Skokie has lots of really nice public parks including their famous Northshore Sculpture Park. These parks have some fun beginner caches. On the western edge of Skokie is Harms Woods which is home to some more difficult caches that you have to “bushwhack” to get to. It can be like finding a needle in a haystack.


Q-Tell us about your ten Favorite Skokie geocaches:

Here are my top ten cannot miss caches in Skokie in no particular order:

Geocaching in Skokie NSCP


GC6PRK9 | Old Orchard TB Resort

GC4KNHV | Bird is Going to leave a Streak

5FGC | On the Rails

GCVCAEQ | Back Allley Cache

GC8AQK7 | Give ’em and Inch

GC3AJ20 | Podcast #46

GC5XMWV | Heard a Little Birdie

GC5XMWV | Emily Oaks

GC2FF7 | Downtown

C24RV7| SPD: Kawaga Gardens


Why You Must Visit

Skokies Best TB Resort

Well hidden

Series of 8 along this train track

173 Favorite Points

A gadget like cache

There are others in this park

Very Exotic

Educational Nature Center

A cute place to chill

Another reason I geocache


Q – Now for the tough one. Which one is your absolute favorite geocache in Evanston? I willl have to go with GC2CAEQ as my favorite geocache in Skokie. We made several visits to this location before we finally figured it out.

Q-Any other caches you want to mention?   Can I put in a shameless plug for my Skevanston Series?.  There are four of my caches.  There are four of them in the series all within the 60203 area code which is mysteriously known as Skevanston.  Skevanston #1 | One Court is GCKCY5



Q-What is your go to caching stop in Skokie?  Dengeos Restaurant. GC8AQK7 is just south of Dengeo’s so you can visit both.

Q- Favorite Chicago Area Geocache?  GCJZDR Cloud Gate is a virtual at Chicago’s famous “The Bean” it has 1400 Favorites

What is your find furthest from home?  The famous Frog Rock GC1C93A on Bainbridge Island near Seattle

Q- Final question, what is one your geocaching bucketlist?
I would love to visit the original Stash Plaque in Oregon.


Learn more about things to do and places to stay in Skokie and Chicago’s North Shore by visiting the North Shore CVB website.

Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park



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