Camping in the Northwoods WiFi
Lake Killlian

Camping in the Northwoods WiFi

Northwoods WiFi

Greetings from the Northwoods of Wisconsin.  Pearson, Wisconsin to be exact.

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I am spending a week camping on the shores of Lake Killian.  A much anticipated, and needed, escape.  Camping, hiking, and relaxing in the great outdoors.  Our remote campsite has no cellular signal and no WiFi.  Rumor has it that there is WiFi at a country store about four miles away.  So I set out early in the morning in search of technology.

Pearson, Wisconsin is located about 17 Northeast of Antigo, the county seat of Langlade County.  The community is situated on Pickeral Creek near it’s confluence with the Wolf River.


After a short hike, I saw something.  There in the distance, across the mist covered Lake Killian I could make out buildings.  I stood pondering, should I go clockwise or counter-clockwise around the lake?  Which way would be shorter?  I chose clockwise and headed off along the Killian Trail.

Through the woods I hiked,  up hills, over stumps, and past a really interesting bog.  

There in the distance I saw a building with picnic tables and other escapists with laptops.  As I approached, they were all frantically typing away and didn’t seem to mind me taking a seat and setting up my office.  Wait what?  A password is needed?  Sheepishly I ask a fellow hiker excuse me do you what the password is?  I successfully logged in, sent one work email, quickly checked facebook and instagram.  Finish writing this post and Logged Off!

If you are ever hiking the Killian Trail in Pearson, Wisconsin and happen upon the Country Store the WiFi password just might be countrystore (all lowercase).

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