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This All Started with a Boy Scout Merit Badge
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Jim Donovan


Jim started Geocache Method to motivate people to get up off the couch and spend time in the great outdoors.  Geocache Method combines Jim’s passion for the outdoors, love of sharing and teaching, with his addiction to geocaching.  Jim is a BSA trained leader and Geocaching Merit Badge Instructor.  In the real world Jim works for global non-profit organization planning meetings and events.

Geocaching North Shore

Jack Donovan

Caching Buddy

Jack’s Geocaching name is DonnyJGD and has logged over 700 finds to date!  Geocaching combines Jack’s love of electronics and gaming with his love of the outdoors.  He is an active Boy Scout working toward the rank of Eagle Scout.  Jack currently serves his troop as Assistant Senior Patrol Leader and he is a Brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow.

Are you looking for a fun activity to get you and your kids out of the house?  Geocaching is a game that can do by yourself and is even more fun to do with your family and friends.  

WHAT IS GEOCACHING?  Geocaching is a fun and challenging activity that is played outdoors with a free app on your mobile phone or GPS reciever.

Geocaching is often described as a real world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices to find a hidden (Cache) container.  But this is only one part of the game.  There are many other aspects which make the game enjoyable and challenging.



Geocache Method


What are the benefits of Geocaching?  

Geocache Method provides – resources for beginners and advanced geocachers alike.

Beginners – Want to learn How to Geocache?  Our videos will walk you though the steps to downloading the geocaching app on your phone.  

Advanced & Hardcore Cachers– This is your community.  Tell us what you want and we will create it.

Excercise – Get out of the house and get some steps in!

Team work – It is more fun when played with family and friends.

Problem Solving – Geocaches come in all shapes, sizes and difficulty levels.  The app will get you close but you will generally need to use your brain to make the find

Community -Geocachers are generally helpful and social.  You are likely to encounter other cachers on the trail or at geocaching events.

There are many aspects to the game so your results may vary:

Get Up! Get Ready! Go Geocaching

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