It’s Aloha Friday

It’s Aloha Friday

The Story Behind Aloha Friday Posts

In the Hawaiian language, the word “Aloha” has several meanings.

Camp Method

Among them are: hello, good-bye, love, peace and compassion.
Aloha Friday began in the early 1960’s and a watered down version of of the tradition, casual Friday,  spread from the islands.  Ironically, the people of Hawaii take Aloha Friday pretty serious. It is a day to dress more casual, many leave work early, and join friends at Happy Hour.  

I am fortunate to travel to Hawaii on business and on this trip while sitting on my lanai, I was thinking about the concept of Aloha Friday. I thought this would be a good fit for this blog and so I would like to institute an occasional Aloha Friday post.

The idea behind my Aloha Friday posts is that they are intended to be short and easy. It might just be a picture, a quote, or a link to an interesting website or resource. Easy.

So on that note I end with the lyrics to It’s Aloha Friday by Kimo Kahoana & Paul Natto

It’s Aloha Friday, no work ‘til Monday.

Doo be doo, doo doo be, doo be doo, be doo be doo!



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