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Favorite Geocaches in the USA
Favorite Points

          Here is a list of our Favorite Geocaches in the USA


Geocache number 1000

The Friendly Confines (GC7BM4) is a virtual cache located in Chicago, IL.  Favorite for being a historic location and a bonus for being my 1,000 find.

Honarary FTF

A Friendly Milestone: GeoCacheMethod 1000 (GC8HBXP) is an awesome Traditional in Morton Grove, IL.  Favorite point for being placed to honor my 1,000th find.

What are  Favorite Points?  Geocaching Favorite Points are a neat feature on the Geocaching.com app for Premium Members.  Geocachers earn one Favorite Point for every ten finds made and can award them to interesting or memorable caches they would like to recognize. 

Most of these favorite finds are captured in the Geocache Method Blog!

Geocache method
PodCacher Show 699

GeoCacheMethod had the opportunity to spend some time with Sonny and Sandy in Sunny San Diego.  Link to Show 699!


Geocaching in Hawaii Feed the Koi

Feed The Koi (GC) is a traditional cache in Honolulu, HI.  Favorite Point for taking me to an interesting spot i would have never have visited an for being by my 900th.  Mahalo for the Cache

Westbend Geotour

The Westbend Geotour gets a favorite point for being an awesome 18 stop tour of the geocaching capitol of the Midwest!  Westbend boasts over 1600 caches in a ten mile radius.  Learn more about Westbend and the annual Cache Bash!

Sunny Jims Cave La Jolla

GC52XC8 Sea Caves at La Jolla – If you are  in the San Diego / La Jolla area this is a cannot miss Earth Cache.   Learn more on my post – Discover Geocaching Goodness with PodCacher.

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