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I have been blogging consistently for several months, but I just couldn’t get my website and blog to do what I wanted.

Camp Method

By Jim Donovan

Earlier this year I began creating a website using a website development tool offered by Go Daddy.  It is a really great website tool, it was easy to learn and in less than one hour I had a really good looking website.  The problem was, I couldn’t get the website to do exactly what I wanted which was to add video content.  The biggest obstacle preventing me from making a change is that I had invested so much time into this project already.  So I kept at it for another month and then another…

“Over 30 percent of the websites on the internet are built in WordPress”

I couldn’t get this statistic out of my head.  So I decided it was time to step up to the challenge.  From afar it didn’t seem that daunting.  How hard could this be?  So I set up a WordPress account and started researching the basics how to build a WordPress site.  Step by step

“There are 1,048 railroad ties (steps) to the top of the Koko Head Crater”

This adventure started out a little rough but I kept making progress toward the goal.  Then I started to encounter some bigger challenges.  The path grew steeper and each step seemed to take longer to advance.  One of the biggest challenges was when there were missing steps which sometimes required me to go back and start over.  Sometimes I just had to risk it and leap to the next step.

Building a website is a lot like climbing a mountain.  It can be challenging and fun, stressful and discouraging.  But when you get it right it can be extremely rewarding.

Although this website is still a work in progress, it has taught me several lessons and time-saving tips. I have a real sense of accomplishment and I am proud of my progress.  If you are thinking about creating a blog and/or website, I would be happy to share my thoughts and lessons learned with you.

If you are planning a trip to Hawaii and would like to learn how to conquer the Koko Head Crater, I can assist you with that too.  Either way, feel free to drop me a note at

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